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Powerful Purpose

As a diversified fossil and nuclear power plant maintenance provider, it’s our mission to produce safe, cost-effective power generation from clients’ assets that minimize environmental impacts and strengthen communities. Deeply rooted in customer service and employee engagement, we build meaningful relationships based on transparency and backed by expertise.

Empowered by leadership with vast utility market and nuclear generation experience, we provide services across the asset life cycle including maintenance, staff augmentation and radiation detection and lab services.

Industry Allies

We strive to empower the industry through our commitment to excellence and dedication to forming impactful connections. By acknowledging the relationships we build as some of our most valuable resources, we are members of NEI and NPDI and signatories to the standard General Presidents’ Agreement and the Exelon General Presidents’ Agreement. We also have an MOU with Public Service Enterprise Group and Local Union 97, as well as PSA, Custodial and INC Agreements.

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Our Locations

Our Guiding Principles

At Allied Power, we are committed to a business with shared values that guide interactions with our customers, employees, communities and owners.There are three guiding principles that shape our philosophy:

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Our people are our most valuable resource. Realizing that the talent and work ethic of our employees are the cornerstones of our success, we will provide opportunities for learning, personal growth, and career development across the Allied Power organization.

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We will proactively provide a safe, healthy, and injury-free environment for our employees, our customers, and the public. Quality and productivity will not take precedence over the safety of people or the protection of the environment and physical property.

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Safety is integral to all our activities, is planned in advance and receives the same level of attention as quality and productivity. We uphold a high standard of industrial and radiological safety through Allied Power solutions like RSCS.

Our Values


Cultivate a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture


Power a “Can Do” Spirit


Act with Integrity and Accountability to the Customer

Treat People with Respect

Focus on Our Customers


Create and Sustain a Safe and Healthy Work Environment


Adapt to the Changing Landscape of Power Generation & Transmission


Take the Right Actions to Achieve Excellent Results

Aggressively Apply Best Practices in All Areas

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What Makes Us


At Allied Power, we’re committed to expanding our knowledge to continuously generate growth for our clients and team. By constantly evolving and refining our services, we do things differently – and that’s what makes the difference. 

  • Qualities Unique to Allied Power:
    • Ability to Support Short Outage Durations
    • Extensive Base Knowledge of the Services and Industry
    • Comprehensive Project Management Skills
    • Deep-Rooted Relationship with North America’s Building Trades Unions
    • Vast Network of Industry Resources
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About Us, RSCS - Radiation Safety & Control Services - An Allied Power Solution

Our relationship with Radiation Safety & Control Services (RSCS) allows us to provide complete services from start to finish in any nuclear element. Serving as an Allied Power solution, RSCS eliminates communication barriers in projects, ultimately optimizing efficiency and support.

Experience Excellence. Experience Allied Power.

As allies in your success, we deliver streamlined solutions through a relationship you can trust. Achieve more with Allied Power. 

Opportunities with Allied Power

With project locations throughout the world, we are always searching for candidates who display excellent technical skills and enthusiastic attitudes.