Safely Executing Expectations –
On Time and Within Budget

Fossil Maintenance, fossil maintenance plant with smoke/steam stack in foreground

Maintenance, Modifications, & Construction

We provide clients with proven, practical and innovative approaches to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of facility maintenance and management. With our people-first approach, we prioritize safety and schedules to meet expectations throughout our full range of professional, technical and craft services.

Through our collaborative approach, we build relationships with clients to align with their goals. Then, we achieve them through comprehensive MMC and project execution support that turns challenging situations into key achievements.

  • Our Power Sources for Your Success:
    • Team of Experienced Industry Leaders
    • Extensive Access to Industry Resources
    • Trusted Relationships with Trade Unions
    • Equipped for Unique & Challenging Tasks
    • Short Outage Durations Capabilities

Opportunities with Allied Power

With project locations throughout the world, we are always searching for candidates who display excellent technical skills and enthusiastic attitudes.

Experience Excellence. Experience Allied Power.

As allies in your success, we deliver streamlined solutions through a relationship you can trust. Achieve more with Allied Power.