Radiation Detection and Lab Services

RSCS: An Allied Power Solution

Radiation Safety & Control Services

Serving as an Allied Power solution, Radiation Safety & Control Services (RSCS) allows us to offer comprehensive services in any nuclear element. Its expertise helps us further support clients’ success through high-level radiation safety and control services.

Experts in planning and executing nuclear and radiological work, RSCS specializes in solving unique problems caused by high-risk radiological tasks and ensuring safe and effective work performance.

Optimizing Efficiency Through Streamlined Support:

  • Full-Service Nuclear Services
  • Specialized Radiation Safety Experts
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective
  • Reduced Project Communication Barriers
  • A Partnership Committed to Client Success

Services Offered:

• Project Management

• Decommissioning

• Staffing

• Environmental Engineering

• Radiological Effluents and Environmental Monitoring

• Modeling and Characterization

• Large Area Surface Contamination Surveys

• Program Development and Assessment

• License Termination

• Small Licensee Support Services

• Waste Management

• Instrument and Lab Services

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